Private Property Tows


Private Property Impounded Vehicles

If your vehicle was towed from a private property, that means the owner of the property contacted us to remove the vehicle. We have preexisting contracts with the owners of every private property impound we conduct. The price of the tow and storage are required by law to be the same as CHP impound charges. If you believe you were wrongfully towed, you will need to contact the property owner because we are just the tool they used to remove the vehicle from their property. There is a daily storage fee, so get the vehicle out as soon as possible to avoid additional charges.


Sign Up for a Private Property Contract

You’re a property owner and you’re tired of unauthorized vehicles parking on your lot. We definitely can solve your problem by towing them away No Charge! We follow exactly all California laws and regulations when towing private property vehicles. Other tow companies may also provide free tow away, but I guarantee they’re not up to code on the procedure. If a vehicle is impounded off your property illegally, it puts you at the risk of a lawsuit. If you’d like a contract, come and see us in person so we can get you started impounding those unauthorized vehicles the legal way.

Customer Service

Our priority is always to surpass the expectations of our customers and to provide highest quality service to our area. We are a multicultural company who’s blind to race, religion, sex or creed and have we zero tolerance for discrimination or threats.  We understand that going through the impound process can be extremely stressful and financially challenging. We will try our best to guide you through the process in a peaceful productive manner.


Common Questions from Our Customers


Why is the bill so high for my towing and storage fees for impounded vehicle?

We have no control over the price of tow or storage if law enforcement tow your vehicle. The rates are set by the city and enforced by the impounding agency. Each city and law enforcement agency have different rates. If you have an issue with the fees, you will have to contact the department that impounded your vehicle.

Why can’t I make monthly payment on my bill?

We do not have the resources to keep track or enforce the monthly payments. If you’re having trouble coming up with the funds to pay the bill all at once, but will over time, I recommend getting a loan to pay the bill off. You can then slowly pay off the loan without going to collections or acquiring additional fees for the outstanding bill

You impounded my car and I don’t want it anymore. Why won’t you take the vehicle to settle the bill?

We are in the business of towing vehicles not disposing of them. We provide a service that is very expensive to maintain, especially in California. You might think that an hour tow and a day of storage charge should be less, but really it barely pays for it. Consider the expenditures on our end. The cost to employ a driver and maintain just one vehicle is extremely high. Training, insurance, workman’s comp, health insurance, registration, fuel costs, business licenses, property tax, and vehicle repairs and restrictions are just a few of the costs to keep in mind. That’s why we offer the disposal fee to leave your vehicle with us. We’ve already accumulated expenses providing the service and now we have to dispose of the vehicle free? A tow company could not stay in business running in that manner.