If your impounded vehicle has cleared the lien date, we will sell or salvage the vehicle. Income we receive for the vehicle is deducted from the total bill you owe. You will be responsible for the remaining balance. The DMV provides all our records of registration and transfers. The last owner on record before the date of tow is the responsible party for the bill.  We do not accept payment plans and the balance needs to be paid in full to remove the account. If unpaid after four weeks from the final notice, you will be sent collections. After you receive a notice from the collection agency, we will not negotiate or discuss the bill and you will deal directly with them.  If you believe the DMV’s record we obtained is inaccurate, you’ll need to request a postdated record of the vehicle from before the date of the tow. In order for the documentation to be valid, the California seal stamp is required to be attached on the paperwork as well. This process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to receive. Once you receive that documentation, bring it to our office and you’ll be removed from the account.  Having a copy of a release of liability with just a date stamp is not considered to be valid as that stamp can be altered or fraudulent. If an extension from the final notice date is needed to pay or retrieve the paperwork from DMV, you’ll need to call our offices to approve the extension.